[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 260722] REGRESSION (iPadOS 17): Right click causes native contextual menu to appear over web app context menu

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--- Comment #14 from Keith Posehn <keith.posehn at gmail.com> ---
Did a bit more testing today with the following scenarios:

1. Does this issue present only with usb-based keyboards? I tried disconnecting the USB dongle and using bluetooth to connect my keyboard. For a minute the issue wasn't present in WKWebView but then it reappeared. Google Docs and Figma still presented the issue.

2. Is there an option in the keyboard settings that causes this issue? I've gone through each setting and the issue is still present, both for overall keyboard settings and hardware-specific settings.

3. Is this behavior specific to trackpads and not mice? Not quite...

4. Is this behavior specific to tap-to-click? Yes!

The culprit is apparently the tap-to-click setting in iPad OS. Turning it off stops it from on my side, but enabling it causes it to happen. I can have both a regular mouse and a magic trackpad connected and it happens only when using the trackpad, not the mouse.

@Smoley, did you have tap-to-click enabled when you tried it?

As near as I can tell the touch interaction is happening in a different way than mouse click. I'm not sure if this is how Webkit interprets the signal or if the signal from the OS is now different in some way.

Unfortunately for me, I have to have tap-to-click enabled so I can't just turn it off (or use a mouse).

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