[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 253810] [WPE] Webkit API object/struct names hidden from Swift import after change to 2022 API

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--- Comment #3 from Ryan Walklin <ryan at testtoast.com> ---
Thanks for the replies. No no bindings as such, it is sufficient to just create a Clang module and umbrella header for each library, and then the C API can be called directly, so I just have a wayland-client one, as well as wpe-webkit itself and the GL libraries required, which is enough to render to a wayland surface and manage input, much the same way as Cog does.

I did note the API change, and agree that the change in the way the headers are generated should still mean the types can be imported as opaque named structs. 

I presume I am doing something wrong, but as noted it did work well with 2.39.5, so I will keep working on it. If I can get Clang to output a preprocessed header for the WPE library than that will hopefully let me see what has changed.

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