[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 253186] REGRESSION iOS 16.4 beta selects ultra-wide for facingMode: environment

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--- Comment #6 from Simon Taylor <simontaylor1 at ntlworld.com> ---
Thanks for the links to the other bugs.

There are two slightly different issues:
 1) Making it easier for pages to pick the best camera for their use case from the enumerated set
 2) Changing the default environment-facing camera

It's great to see the work on those other bugs which will really help with 1, but my concern here is 2.

It can definitely be argued that it's still valid to return ultrawide for `facing: environment` and even to prefer it for its larger supported focus range on iPhone 13/14 Pro. I argued the default shouldn't be changed as it would be unexpected for users and disruptive for existing sites (such as ours) that are built around the assumption of the standard "wide" camera being the default.

It's forward guidance on where you stand on that question really that I'm after. If the default is going to change to ultrawide it would be good to have a heads up before the final 16.4 drops so we can get ahead of all the disruption that would cause for us.

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