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--- Comment #10 from Bryce Aebi <bryce.aebi at llm.llc> ---
Ok, after some investigation I have figured out some more:

1. Setting audioSession.type = 'play-and-record' BEFORE mic capture and then resetting it to 'playback' AFTER mic capture ends does fix the 1/2 volume audio issue that was persisting AFTER mic capture.

2. As expected, I still have volume issues DURING mic capture, but I better understand what's going on now. The iPhone volume appears to get "saved" for each audioSession.type. For 'playback', it is saved to 50% of my iPhone's volume. For 'play-and-record' it is saved to 100% of my iPhone's volume, which I had to do because the volume gets so low during mic capture. There appears to be a secondary bug here though, because the FIRST audio I play AFTER mic capture starts is at 100% of the iPhone volume and 100% of the audio's volume, before reverting to 100% iPhone volume x 50% audio volume (that is, the iPhone's volume is still at 100%, but the audio that gets played has the low volume issue that occurs during mic capture).

The result of the above is quite jarring. Before mic capture, the user has the volume at a comfortable level. Then when they start mic capture, the user gets blasted by loud audio at first, then audio that is just below a comfortable level until mic capture ends. Then the volume reverts back to a comfortable level again.

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