[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 255853] Zero rowspan should span all rows

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Wed Jul 26 13:47:33 PDT 2023


--- Comment #2 from Ahmad Saleem <ahmad.saleem792 at gmail.com> ---
It is easy to do but I am stuck on one error:

>> Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTableCell.h:

Line 46: unsigned parsedRowSpan() const;

and update 'old' rowSpan to 'rename' and introduce new 'rowSpan' below:

inline unsigned RenderTableCell::parsedRowSpan() const
    if (!m_hasRowSpan)
        return 1;
    return parseRowSpanFromDOM();
inline unsigned RenderTableCell::rowSpan() const
    unsigned rowSpan = parsedRowSpan();
    if (!rowSpan) {
        rowSpan = section()->numRows() - rowIndex();
    return std::min<unsigned>(rowSpan, maxRowIndex);


>> Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTableSection.cpp:

In function: (recalcCells) Line 1351:

 bool resizedGrid = false;
    for (RenderTableRow* row = firstRow(); row; row = row->nextRow()) {
        unsigned insertionRow = m_cRow;
        for (RenderTableCell* cell = row->firstCell(); cell; cell = cell->nextCell()) {
            // For rowspan, "the value zero means that the cell is to span all the
            // remaining rows in the row group." Calculate the size of the full
            // row grid now so that we can use it to count the remaining rows in
            if (!cell->parsedRowSpan() && !resizedGrid) {
                unsigned m_cRow = row->rowIndex() + 1;
                for (auto* remainingRow = row; remainingRow; remainingRow = remainingRow->nextRow())
                    resizedGrid = true;
        addCell(cell, row);


>> Source/WebCore/rendering/RenderTableRow.cpp:

In function (didInsertTableCell) <<--- here I am stuck:

if (auto* section = this->section()) {
        section->addCell(&child, this);
        if (beforeChild || nextRow() || !cell.parsedRowSpan())

--> Here - I get uninitialised or undefined for 'cell'.

Looking into Blink patch, it is defined as:

 LayoutTableCell* cell = ToLayoutTableCell(child);

which usually means:

RenderTableCell* (or auto*) cell = downcast<RenderTableCell>(child);

^ but it is giving error that it is 'static_assert failed due to requirement
      '!std::is_same_v<WebCore::RenderTableCell, WebCore::RenderTableCell>'
      "Unnecessary cast to same type"' error. :-(

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