[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 250138] [GTK] Changing system font-scaling factor results in messy rendering of the page (Epiphany, WebKitGtk)

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--- Comment #14 from Ethan Reesor <firelizzard at gmail.com> ---
I believe I am encountering this issue. I am working on an application that uses https://wails.io/. Wails runs the frontend of the application in a WebKit GTK widget. Based on my testing, I believe this issue is specific to WebKit GTK, not WebKit. I tested with the native application, Firefox, Falkon, and Epiphany. Given that Firefox *does not* reproduce the issue, it seems specific to WebKit. Given that the native application and Epiphany *do* reproduce the issue, and Falkon *does not*, it seems specific to WebKit GTK, given that the native application and Epiphany use WebKit GTK, and Epiphany uses QtWebEngine.

- Native - attachment 467102 [details]
- Firefox - attachment 467103 [details]
- Epiphany - attachment 467104 [details]
- Falkon - attachment 467105 [details]

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