[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 251336] [SOUP] Very slow to load the CNN or Globe and Mail websites

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--- Comment #14 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at redhat.com> ---
Something very weird that I noticed: cnn.com consistently loads *much* faster using my personal jhbuild-built WebKitGTK (at 266205 at main) than it does in Tech Preview (2.41.6).

Try one:
Michael's JHBuild: 8.83s
Epiphany Tech Preview: 35.50s
Firefox: 2.90s

Try two:
Michael's JHBuild: 7.08s
Epiphany Tech Preview: 31.33s
Firefox: 1.98s

The extreme different between my personal build vs. Tech Preview is difficult to explain. I was using a slightly older libsoup from April, but updating it to the latest version (to match Tech Preview) doesn't make any difference.

One possible difference that could speed things up is that something is wrong with GStreamer in my jhbuild environment:

(WebKitWebProcess:2): GStreamer-WARNING **: 11:49:43.875: External plugin loader failed. This most likely means that the plugin loader helper binary was not found or could not be run. You might need to set the GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER environment variable if your setup is unusual. This should normally not be required though.

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