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--- Comment #2 from Karl Dubost <karlcow at apple.com> ---
Thanks Ahmad.

Gianluca Frediani,

So to test if shouldDispatchSimulatedMouseEvents is the source of the issue, these are the steps to test. 

1. Connect an iPad to a Mac computer
2. Open Safari Technology Preview  (173) (with Developer Settings activated)
3. Open Safari on the iPad
4. On Safari Technology Preview, in Develop Menu, You should see the iPad device and if you hover the icon you will see the list of tabs in Safari on the device.
5. Select the one for the nba website.
6. A Web Inspector window will open for the nba site.
7. on the top left of this web inspector window, there is a cross-hair icon, and just beside a slightly square icon which looks like a device. Click on it.
8. It will display a drop down menu with one of the items being: "Disable Site-Specific Hacks". check the box.

This will disable the Quirks, including shouldDispatchSimulatedMouseEvents.

Re-test what you were doing, does it work this time without the Quirk?
If yes, we have the source of the issue. 
If not, this is something else to investigate.

I opened a new bug for it on webkit 
we already have a radar to remove it rdar://107636342
I was planning to remove the Quirk in the next couple of weeks. 
Our latest tests showed us that it seems not necessary anymore.

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