[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 250781] BFCache sporadically skips entries

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--- Comment #8 from David Dworken <ddworken at google.com> ---
Thank you for trying to reproduce! We also attempted to reproduce this issue with the latest version of Safari and could not reproduce it. But, we ran an experiment with enabling COOP for Google Search, which revealed a number of interesting metrics that seem to imply that there is still an issue with Safari’s COOP implementation. Comparing COOP enforced v/s in report-only mode, we see:

* A 10% increase in the number of duplicate search queries issued within 5 minutes and a 62% increase in the number of duplicate secure queries issued within 1 second. This implies that either the page is failing to load or Safari is having to reload the page for some unknown reason. 
* A 5% decrease in BFCache hit rate. This implies that the BFCache may still be implicated. 
* A significant decrease in time-to-first-byte for search results pages. While normally this would be a positive change, we suspect that this decrease is somehow tied to the increase in duplicate queries (e.g latency going down since there are more duplicate requests). 

Based on this, we still believe that there is some sort of latent bug in Safari’s COOP implementation, and this makes us hesitant to roll out COOP enforcement for Safari users. Do you have any insights or suggestions on how we can proceed from here?

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