[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 258863] REGRESSION (iOS 17 beta): "Origin" field is missing in the request when using "Link modulepreload"

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> WKURLSchemeTask does not support https.  How are you seeing this?

When debugging the WebKit source code, changing the following code can intercept HTTPS links:
bool URLParser::isSpecialScheme(StringView schemeArg){ 
return false; 
// return scheme(schemeArg) != Scheme::NonSpecial;
During my debugging process on iOS 17 beta 2, I encountered the JSError issue mentioned before. After comparing it with the official version of iOS 16.4, I found that there was a new Error added. After multiple attempts, I concluded that it is highly likely to be related to Link+ModulePreload+Cross-Origin. I also noticed that there are related commits on the master branch of WebKit. Based on debugging the WebKit source code, I found that in the scenario of Link+ModulePreload+Cross-Origin, after the resourceLoader is built and before sending the network request, the header's Origin is lost, which can be reproduced stably. Currently, I want to try to verify whether this Origin loss is the real cause of the JSError I encountered. In addition, the header information in the above scenario is inconsistent between iOS 17 beta 2, beta 3 and iOS 16.4, and it is unknown whether this issue will trigger unpredictable problems at some point or in specific scenarios.

I'm not sure if the fix you mentioned has been integrated into iOS 17 beta 3, but the problem still exists. Is there a way to see which commit has been integrated into iOS 17 beta 3?

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