[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 259160] [ macOS iOS ] http/tests/privateClickMeasurement/triggering-event-with-attribution-source-through-fetch-keepalive.html is a flaky text failure

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Wed Jul 12 13:54:59 PDT 2023


--- Comment #3 from Robert Jenner <jenner at apple.com> ---
Interestingly enough I also see it failing this way on Ventura:

 Tests triggering of private click measurement attribution with same-site triggering event request.

-Attributed Private Click Measurements:
+Unattributed Private Click Measurements:
 WebCore::PrivateClickMeasurement 1
 Source site:
 Attribute on site: localhost
 Source ID: 3
-Attribution trigger data: 12
-Attribution priority: 0
-Attribution earliest time to send: Within 24-48 hours
-Destination token: Not set
+No attribution trigger data.
 Application bundle identifier: testBundleID


And I was also able to trivially reproduce this failure at Ventura Release ToT running the test as follows:

run-webkit-tests http/tests/privateClickMeasurement/triggering-event-with-attribution-source-through-fetch-keepalive.html --iterations 100

It only reproduced 2 out of 100 times when I ran in iterations.

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