[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 222654] Scrolling in home screen apps incorrectly latches to document

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Hi there.

Sorry for the dupe comment. I just wanted to relay that this issue has been reported to me more times than I can count *just in the past 48 hours* by users of wefwef (https://wefwef.app).

It's even worse that I previously thought. Any time the user tries to swipe during a page transition where pointer events are disabled, Safari will latch scroll to the document.

Users then try to scroll the feed once the animation is complete, but they're stuck! The latching time is also juuuust long enough that users don't wait enough for it to unlatch, and they think the page is frozen.

Here's a few users in the wild complaining about this very specific bug from the last *60 minutes*:

> Scrolling also sometimes gets “frozen” briefly when returning to my feed. This happen to anyone else?

> Yes to the freezing. It needs a second or two before you can scroll.

Resolving this is really important for webapps installed to the homescreen.

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