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screenshots of the web inspector network profiles

Screenshots, just in case the HAR files are not useful by themselves.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at, but from my uneducated perspective, it appears as if:

* WebKitGTK is trying to load all the images/assets/etc. in sequence, many of which are hundreds of miliseconds apart, instead of loading everything at once? Yet theglobeandmail.com is HTTP2 AFAICT (like every website I've encountered in recent years)...
* Nothing at all happens in the first second?
* Looking at the details of one of the connections (the first one), comparing Epiphany (left) vs Chromium (right), it seems like Epiphany wastes a solid third of a second just waiting on TCP or something (but apparently not waiting on DNS)
* When looking at the timing details of the various assets being loaded, every asset has a longer "waiting" time AND "download" time in Epiphany than Chromium. Sometimes 3 to 10 times longer, and it all adds up I guess... hence the 10 seconds load time instead of 1-2 seconds.

Those are just my naïve observations, I hope the HAR files will be more useful to you, or that you can reproduce the issue with those websites on your end in the same way.

This is all running on Wayland btw, but I doubt it changes anything as this seems more related to networking and parallelization than graphics...

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