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--- Comment #7 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
WebKitFaviconDatabase is kind of a spacial case of website data, because it's not attached to a particular session, but global to a web context. 

 - If the web context is created with an ephemeral website data store, but a an existing database is used, the icons are still loaded, but nothing is written to the database.

 - If created with a persistent data store, the database is written, expect for icon requests made from an ephemeral web view.

My initial idea was to move the favicon database ownership from web context to website data manager, but then it can't be shared with ephemeral web views. Keeping it in the web context is problematic too, because we need to know whether to allow database writes when the database is created and in the new api the web context doesn't have a network session, it's a web view property. I think the easiest solution would be to leave the favicon database in the web context and change the way it's configured. Currently, to enable favicosn you have to call webkit_web_context_set_favicon_database_directory(), which I find a bit weird, and passing null as path doesn't disables it but uses the default path. We can add methods to enable/disable favicons instead (or open/close the database which what actually happens in set_favicon_database_directory). Then the open method would receive an optional path and the readonly mode.

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