[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 250651] display-mode: standalone matches when opening an external link with target=_blank from an installed webapp

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--- Comment #3 from David Quesada <david_quesada at apple.com> ---
Thanks for the report. I see two *potential* issues here, either of which could address this: (i.e. make it so that the display-mode doesn’t match ‘standalone’ in the opened window)

1. When the system creates a new web view to handle the opened “window”, we create that secondary web view with a WKWebViewConfiguration containing the web app’s _WKApplicationManifest. That allows the manifest (which defines the `display-mode` CSS property) to even be considered for browsing in that new window.

2. After glancing through the App Manifest spec, I noticed this wording:

> As long as the application is navigated to URLs that are within scope, the browser will continue to apply the manifest. However, navigating the web applications "out of scope" will cause the manifest to no longer be applied, and the browser will apply its own defaults.

So it seems like WebCore might be out of alignment with the spec here. Because codepen.io is not within scope of main.elk.zone, we shouldn’t consider the manifest of the web app to be applied to that individual URL.

I’m pretty certain we should fix issue 2. Not sure about issue 1. (That doesn’t come into play in this particular case if we fix issue 2 -- but it would have impact if a web app decided to window.open() a URL within the scope of the application. Do we apply the manifest to the new window in that case?)

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