[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 252049] Automatically export WPT changes when running `git webkit pr`

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--- Comment #1 from Antoine Quint <graouts at webkit.org> ---
I'm merely a user of `export-w3c-test-changes`, but there are several manual steps required in the way I use it.

First, I have to create a token to let GitHub automate certain things. Maybe the same token can be used for WPT-related tasks and WebKit GitHub tasks, but I have two separate ones I believe.

Second, I use a local WPT checkout and have an alias such as this one to have a single command I run after running `git webkit pr`:

    alias wptexport='export-w3c-test-changes -g @ -n graouts -r graouts -d ~/Code/web-platform-tests -c -t $(cat ~/Documents/Dotfiles/wpt-export-token)'

Maybe `git webkit setup` could offer to create a local repository, although that might not offer much advantage. Same for the token creation, if required.

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