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--- Comment #9 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to ChangSeok Oh from comment #6)
> Whisper.cpp APIs often change. I am not sure if we can track and control the
> used version by copying files.

Well then I suppose it cannot be a system dependency. :(

It's generally best to not depend on such software at all and avoid the trouble, but if this is really the only suitable option, then OK....

(In reply to ChangSeok Oh from comment #7) 
> I attempted to bundle whisper.cpp into the SDK. In that case, we need to
> enclose GB-sized model files as well. I have no strong preference on how we
> bring whisper.cpp into webkit, but adding it as a submodule would be cheaper
> in terms of maintenance burden (e.g., SDK size).

I don't understand. If these model files are required, then they have to be shipped no matter what, right? With the WebKit SDK, the model files would be part of the application. With the GNOME SDK, WebKit itself is part of the SDK, so it becomes part of the SDK.

The WebKit SDK is only used by WebKit developers. Users will be using the GNOME SDK. So it winds up in the SDK in the end, yes?

> One concern is integration with webkit tests. Can we make the test bots
> download whisper.cpp repo and related language models files automatically?
> If not, speech recognition for webkitgtk/wpe is always disabled for the
> build, and manually enabled on demand, no?

We probably don't want to make tests bots do anything special like this, because that wouldn't reflect what distros do. There is no way distros are going to deal with downloading whisper.cpp themselves as part of the WebKit build. It needs to be either (a) a system dependency (preinstalled on the bots, packaged separately by distros), or else (b) included in WebKit tarballs generated by Tools/make-dist.

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