[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 259621] Potentially remove 'DarkGreyValue' from 'noshade' attribute of HTMLHRElement

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Sat Aug 5 05:46:14 PDT 2023


--- Comment #5 from Ahmad Saleem <ahmad.saleem792 at gmail.com> ---
Based on Comment 03, few changes, which work:

Line 96 (Delete in 'colorAttr') - addHTMLColorToStyle(style, CSSPropertyBackgroundColor, value);

Line 103 (Delete in 'noshadeAttr') - style.setProperty(CSSPropertyBackgroundColor, WTFMove(darkGrayValue));

and change Line 107 (old and now new 105) as following:

 if (int size = parseHTMLInteger(value).value_or(0); size > 1)


 if (int size = parseHTMLNonNegativeInteger(value).value_or(0); size > 1)


Still figuring out 'parseDimensions' part.

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