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> Both your links are the same, but when I zoom I see the bug.
> Does this occur if it's not nested inside <foreignobject> in SVG?

Oh, I am so sorry. Here is the working one.

The bug image (again) for reference.

## Reproduction

I fixed the issue by resetting the position to static from relative.

Side by side comparison before and after resetting the position to static:

## Bug
I am not sure if it is limited to being nested inside <foreignobject>. I am gonna test it out now and let you know. But, I got a couple of clues I observe. 
1. You will see via "start element selection" in inspect element menu that the selection highlight are at the correct place. Just the rendering is out of place. Hope this would be helpful in debugging.
2. This bug can be reproducible in WebView, mobile Safari and MacOS Safari regardless of the OS or iOS version (I tested with my sister's devices which are in latest stable while mine are in latest developer betas.

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