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--- Comment #5 from P K <parthakr at gmail.com> ---
Group 1: Issues in Kannada script in TextKit2. Meaning it exist in TextKit also, these are script related.

first two are related
FB9479036 -  Kannada text selection and cursor movement error
FB9484854 -  TextKit2 Kannada text selection and cursor movement error 2

FB9484908 -  TextKit2: invisible Kannada chandrabindu sign
FB9480360 -  TextKit2 Cursor position with zero width joiner and Kannada letter

Group 2: The below one could be a very bad one for all scripts that needs than one line spacing. This is case for most complex script, at least all Indic scripts. Apple should consider this bug seriously.
FB9484770 -  Textkit2 line spacing issue

Group 3: Below issues are resolved in TextKit2. However it might take several years before TextKit2 becomes default engine in macOS n iOS
FB9466738 -  Broken Kannada Text
FB9466734 -  Broken Kannada Text
FB9439804 - Broken Kannada Text
FB7373231 -  Kannada text is broken

I have proposed a simple solution in Noto Sans Kannada font, which is system font for Kannada in MacOS and iOS. This should resolve the above group 3 issues in TextKit and TextKit2, immediately
below is the proposal

If Apple can request Noto-Fonts project to implement this feature. It would make Kannada script readable, editable, in Apple OS finally after 12 years.

Please do the needful. Please present these in front of right team.

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