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--- Comment #1 from Lauro Moura <lmoura at igalia.com> ---
This seems to be an issue with the clang toolchain generated by icecc inside the flatpak env.

It's generated with `icecc --build-native <path-to-clang> <path-to-clang++>`.

In practice, icecc translates this to something `icecc-create-env clang --addfile=<path-to-clang++>`.

`icecc-create-env` then creates the env translating the clang path to `usr/bin/clang`[1] inside the toolchain file alongside its dependencies `libLLVM-14.so` and `libclang-cpp.so.14` in `usr/lib`. This works fine as clang's `DT_RPATH` is set to `$ORIGIN/../lib`.

But the script keeps the clang++ binary at its usual path, which is `usr/lib/sdk/llvm14/bin/clang++`. And as it has the same `DT_RPATH`, which poins effectively to `usr/lib/sdk/llvm14/lib/`, which is empty, clang++ can't find the required libraries.

Looks like a valid upstream icecc issue and would deserve an upstream bug. Meanwhile, I'm testing a SDK patch to `icecc-create-env` as a workaround.

[1] https://github.com/icecc/icecream/blob/master/client/icecc-create-env.in#L490

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