[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 195325] Canvas elements not garbage collected immediately in Safari on iOS 12

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--- Comment #15 from Dean Jackson <dino at apple.com> ---
Here is someone complaining and explaining the workaround: https://pqina.nl/blog/total-canvas-memory-use-exceeds-the-maximum-limit/
(although I'm not sure you have to clear the contents - just setting the dimensions should do that for you)

I think in the short term our options are A or B above.

Option A is definitely frustrating for developers. I sympathise :(

Option B is fine, until it isn't. The user might have entered a lot of information onto the page before it is killed by the system. Seems better to have a broken page than killing it completely.

Then again, we don't know how many pages would create so much canvas backing store to trigger a jetsam. I expect it is a small %.

For the moment I'm choosing option A, but looking out for good arguments in the comments.

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