[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 234249] Downloading DMG using WKDownload errors with "You do not have permission"

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--- Comment #7 from Saurav Mitra <mitrasaurav97 at gmail.com> ---
The intent is for all valid files downloaded off a web page is to be openable. Currently, that isn't the case. If you use WKDownloads and force open the file (right-click -> Open instead of double-click, but no user really knows about this), the system tells the user that the file was downloaded by com.apple.WebKit.Networking. Not the biggest problem for me, but still a sign that the quarantine extended attribute needs to be modified, one way or the other.

Not using WKDownloads means downloading the files with a URLSessionDownloadTask myself. This works, except for the case where the file needs specific cookies before it will serve it, which is quite a bit more complicated than the case of a simple download. (An extra slight caveat with this method: It will say "This file was downloaded from APP_NAME" when opening instead of "This file was downloaded from the internet". My best guess is because the Gatekeeper score with this method is 0082, and the least significant bit isn't set)

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