[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 102869] Implement the Screen Orientation API

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Wed Jun 8 14:29:32 PDT 2022


--- Comment #23 from Kim <kimyu.ng at docusign.com> ---
There should one unified API to query screen orientation.


As usual, (cough x2... hopefully Safari is not the new IE) Safari or webkit based browser is the only one not supporting this useful API.

Using the following matchMedia to detect orientation poses a lot of bugs when attempt to support consistent experience across for both android and ios devices as android keyboard wasn't overlayed like ios device

> Note: This feature does not correspond to device orientation. Opening the soft keyboard on many devices in portrait orientation will cause the viewport to become wider than it is tall, thereby causing the browser to use landscape styles instead of portrait.

window.matchMedia("(orientation: portrait)");


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