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--- Comment #4 from Myles C. Maxfield <mmaxfield at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Alexey Proskuryakov from comment #2)
> it just looks like the commit message doesn't follow our format

That's true. However, the top post in the PR thread _does_ follow our format.

> I don't think that automation should be able to re-format a sentence like
> this to a proper commit message.
> Not sure how the formatted commit message ended up in the top comment though.

The git commit message said this:

[WGSL] Adjust comment of test to match the tested source
The source code and comment seem to have detached from each other, where the comment retains an old syntax.

The top post in the PR said this:

[WGSL] Adjust comment of test to match the tested source

Reviewed by Myles C. Maxfield.

* WGSLUnitTests/WGSLLexerTests.mm

And yet we failed to merge. Which is a bit contributor-hostile - they've told us everything we need to know to merge. They've even formatted it correctly! It's just in place B rather than in place A. We seem to just be insisting that the information come from place A rather than place B.

We should allow the information to come from either place. The whole point of the move to GitHub is to make it easier for contributors to contribute. If a contributor goes through the trouble of formatting the entry but putting it in the top post in the PR instead of the commit message, we shouldn't punish them but should instead graciously accept the information they have given us - because they've given us all the information we need.

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