[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 235733] REGRESSION(288052?): editing/execCommand/paste-as-quotation-disconnected-paragraph-ancestor-crash.html makes subsequent test fail, as DumpRenderTree compares to wrong expected result

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Mon Jan 31 17:30:59 PST 2022


Robert Jenner <Jenner at apple.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|editing/execCommand/insert- |REGRESSION(288052?):
                   |newline-in-quoted-content-c |editing/execCommand/paste-a
                   |rash.html makes subsequent  |s-quotation-disconnected-pa
                   |test fail, as               |ragraph-ancestor-crash.html
                   |DumpRenderTree compares to  |makes subsequent test fail,
                   |wrong expected result       |as DumpRenderTree compares
                   |                            |to wrong expected result

--- Comment #9 from Robert Jenner <Jenner at apple.com> ---
My finding above was actually incorrect. After disabling the test and letting it run through the weekend, we still observed the 500+ layout-test failures occurring. After digging deeper, and testing. I believe it is actually this change that is the cause of this issue:


The timing certainly lines up to when it started happening on the bots. The test introduced there is also in the test list attached to this bug. Running through my test list and removing the “editing/execCommand/paste-as-quotation-disconnected-paragraph-ancestor-crash.html” did stop the failures that I was able to reproduce. 

So that appears to be a more accurate cause than the first test I was blaming.I have updated my expectation to [ skip ] here for both tests:


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