[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 235273] Missing headers for non-unified 2.34.3 build

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Sat Jan 15 14:37:30 PST 2022


--- Comment #2 from Dennis <dennisn at dennisn.mooo.com> ---
WebCore/css/calc/CSSCalcOperationNode.cpp and ebCore/css/calc/CSSCalcPrimitiveValueNode.cpp weren't able to see the definition of LOG_WITH_STREAM()

WebCore/page/EventHandler.cpp wasn't able to recognize SetForScope()

WebKit/WebProcess/WebPage/CoordinatedGraphics/LayerTreeHost.h wasn't able to recognize WebCore::FloatPoint ... but apparently only #if PLATFORM(GTK) ... so we should probably update the patch.
It also wasn't able to find #include <WebCore/CoordinatedGraphicsLayer.h>, so I guess that needed to be wrapped in that additional #if USE(COORDINATED_GRAPHICS)

WebKit/WebProcess/WebPage/CoordinatedGraphics/DrawingAreaCoordinatedGraphics.h didn't recognize adjustTransientZoom() and commitTransientZoom()

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