[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 234116] [WebAssembly][Modules] Unify memory import handling code in both module loader and JS cases

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--- Comment #13 from Asumu Takikawa <asumu at igalia.com> ---
I've rebased the patch for recent changes.

> Yeah, I would like to know why this condition happens. And I think, if CalleeGroup is already created, then destroying it and replacing it sounds dangerous. Probably, initialize it with the other CalleeGroup's LLIntCallees would be better, but I first would like to know when this happens.

I believe it might happen if the CalleeGroup came from a module that has already been used for another instance, but an OOM or similar event caused the compilation to fail there.

In the current patch, I removed the second part of the condition so that it doesn't try to replace the CalleeGroup. In the case where the callee group is present but not runnable, it should try to re-compile the code in the existing code path in WebAssemblyModuleRecord.cpp around line 430 where it checks if the callee group is runnable. Does that seem better?

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