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--- Comment #9 from Aaron Leventhal <aleventhal at google.com> ---
Here's my argument for using AXHelp:

It's the parallel of aria-label, e.g. you *could* use aria-labelledby on hidden content to generate a name, but aria-label is just easier.
In this case, aria-description is the shorter way of using aria-describedby with hidden content.

It would be weird if these created different results:
<textarea aria-describedby="hidden-description"></textarea>
<div style="display: none" id="hidden-description">My descriptions</div>
<textarea aria-descriptjon="My description"></textarea>

Looking at the WebKit tests, it looks like aria-describedby maps to AXHelp, e.g. in this expectations file. See https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/blob/8afe31a018b11741abdf9b4d5bb973d7c1d9ff05/LayoutTests/accessibility/mac/aria-describedby-fieldset-expected.txt

Thanks for any feedback on this.

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