[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 230294] XMLHttpRequest Progress Even Not Firing for Requests Finished under 100Ms

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I found this issue Two Months Ago and handled this issue via XHR OnLoad event which is just a workaround. but it was working fine. And this is happening only on speed which is 2.5Gbps or higher. So most people will not run in to this issue right now. But Clearly this is going to break some functions that is dependent on XHR progress event. 

Someone from twitter contacted me and reported he found same Behavior on his iPhone XR. But For me unable to reproduce this on my iPhone 6S. I thought XR was more powerful and capable for doing that just like a mac. But turns out it was a problem with his server configuration. 

But this problem still exists on a Mac with Safari and i can reproduce this if i execute UPLOAD request on local host or on a very high speed connection that is 2.5Gbps or Higher.

So this problem i found is for UPLOAD PROGRESS.

You said it is firing every 50ms which is good. but in my case i added a delay of 100Ms delay for new requests and it worked without issue. So i think if there is pending request (For a speed test there will be always few pending requests will be there) it will not fire upload progress event and quickly go to OnLoad event.

So currently my program logic will check for upload progress event and if it was not fired. It will add the payload data size manually in the OnLoad event. 

I think even if a request that started and finished under 10Ms should get at-least one progress event. So programs that depends on Progress even will not break. 

For 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps and 10Gbps connection Chrome is working without any issue.

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