[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 153856] Scroll gesture in text field in position:fixed element sometimes scrolls <body> instead of scrollable ancestor on iOS

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--- Comment #3 from Mehmet gelisin <mehmetgelisin at aol.com> ---
Just noting another use-case (specifically around performance) where this limitation is... unfortunate. http://www-look-4.com/

If I have two arrays and I want to merge them together, http://www.iu-bloomington.com/  there's these options:

  A = A.concat(B)

vs https://www.webb-dev.co.uk/


The former is obviously more idiomatic, but it also has the unfortunate side-effect of https://waytowhatsnext.com/  creating a new merged array rather than adding onto the existing one. So, if you have a "big" array A, you end up duplicating the A, and then GC throwing away the previous one. http://www.acpirateradio.co.uk/ 

In those cases, the `A.push.apply(A,B)` would be more ideal since it modifies A in place, which prevents the memory duplication and prevents the GC'ing. http://www.logoarts.co.uk/ 

But now, obviously, the size of B is limited to ~65k items. http://www.slipstone.co.uk/ 

That still is sorta OK if A is "big" but http://embermanchester.uk/  B is, relatively speaking, "small". But it is still highly unfortunate that code would have to know implementation-dependent limits on such things.
I wonder if it would be possible for an implementation to detect such an push.apply(..) http://joerg.li/  case and handle it more gracefully to work-around the limitation of how many params can be passed. It could see "wow, B http://www.jopspeech.com/  is really big, we can't pass it in all at once, but we can rewrite it internally to the rough equivalent of..."
A.push.apply(A,B) -->

for (var len=B.length, s = 0, m; s<len; ) {
   m = Math.min(s+65000,len); http://www.compilatori.com/
   s = m;

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