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--- Comment #4 from Mehmet gelisin <mehmetgelisin at aol.com> ---
Does "fixed" mean that `Set-Cookie: name=value; SameSite=InvalidValue` is interpreted as `Set-Cookie: name=value;` http://www.iu-bloomington.com/  (which is what this bug is asking for)? Or as `Set-Cookie: name=value; SameSite=Strict` (which is what that Inspector patch does)? I'm hoping for the former. :)
> Wait, I haven’t seen “None” before. If this does something other than
> nothing (i.e. implementer does not even need to parse ‘n’, ‘o’, ‘n’, ‘e’,
> then ^^^ is enough.

`SameSite=None` is intended to be a no-op in the status quo. That is, it assumes the first interpretation of "fixed" above, wherein `SameSite=None` is equivalent to omitting the `SameSite` attribute entirely. http://www.acpirateradio.co.uk/ 

I'll paste in a little more context here from the thread you started elsewhere:
That document proposes that `SameSite=Lax` is a better default than we have today, and positions `None` as an explicit way of http://www.slipstone.co.uk/  opting into the status quo. `SameSite=None` should be a no-op based on the above PR, and it seemed like an elegant, http://embermanchester.uk/  backwards-compatible way of allowing developers to explicitly express their intent for a given cookie to be delivered cross-site. I talked about the general direction with folks at the recent HTTP Workshop, http://connstr.net/  and there seemed to be reasonable agreement that incrementally shifting cookes' defaults would be a good way to make progress.
If Safari's able to change the underlying parsing behavior in the near future, this seems like a http://www.jopspeech.com/ path we can pursue. If not, we might need to introduce another attribute in order to get that behavior in a way that doesn't break in other browsers. http://www.wearelondonmade.com/

> If there any other visible change then CFNetwork will http://www.compilatori.com/
> need to be involved and we need a radar, which you can create yourself
> assigned to the right place (I think) at http://www-look-4.com/ . Ehh, as I type
> this, I guess its not much work to CC the WebKit-radar-importer and then do
> a radar dance Internally

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