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--- Comment #23 from chris fleizach <cfleizach at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Tyler Wilcock from comment #22)
> > Why we need to split this method into two?
> I split it into two so that we can handle hit tests of both NSPoint's and
> WebCore::IntPoints. The NSPoint hit test just converts the point to a
> WebCore::IntPoint and calls the IntPoint hit test method.
> We could probably work entirely in NSPoints, but I'm having issues with the
> usual NSPoint forward declaration not being sufficient in Widget.h, so I'm
> inclined to leave it as-is unless you have a suggestion here.
> /Users/twilco/projects/web/OpenSource/Source/WebCore/platform/Widget.h:180:
> 44: error: variable has incomplete type 'NSPoint' (aka '_NSPoint')
>   virtual id accessibilityHitTest(NSPoint) const { return nil; }
> /Users/twilco/projects/web/OpenSource/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/
> IntPoint.h:40:16: note: forward declaration of '_NSPoint'
> typedef struct _NSPoint NSPoint;
> I tried #include <Foundation/NSGeometry.h>, but that causes more issues:
> error: expected unqualified-id @class NSString, Protocol;
> error: unknown type name 'NSString'
> And ~20 more similar errors.

We can't use Foundation things inside WebCore code, only the wrappers

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