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--- Comment #3 from Yusuke Suzuki <ysuzuki at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Chris Dumez from comment #2)
> (In reply to Yusuke Suzuki from comment #1)
> > @Chris
> > I opened
> > https://w3c-test.org/html/infrastructure/safe-passing-of-structured-data/
> > shared-array-buffers/serialization-via-history.https.html and it said there
> > is no SharedArrayBuffer.
> > Are some headers missing?
> I see:
> assert_throws_dom: function "() => { history[method](new
> SharedArrayBuffer(), "dummy title"); }" did not throw
> The subtests are failing for me but not due to lack of SharedArrayBuffer
> support.
> From Web Inspector, I can see that the test is serving the COOP+COEP headers:
> Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp
> Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
> @Yusuke, I've enabled COOP + COEP by default only very recently. Maybe you
> tested on a build that didn't have them enabled yet?

Hmm, I've tried opening https://w3c-test.org/html/infrastructure/safe-passing-of-structured-data/shared-array-buffers/serialization-via-history.https.html with WebKit r282238, but I'm getting an error

assert_throws_dom: function "() => { history[method](new SharedArrayBuffer(), "dummy title"); }" threw object "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: SharedArrayBuffer" that is not a DOMException DataCloneError: property "code" is equal to undefined, expected 25

I also opened the inspector, and it seems that SharedArrayBuffer is not defined.
Is some flag necessary?

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