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> Source/WebCore/css/DeprecatedCSSOMPrimitiveValue.cpp:46
> +    case CSSUnitType::CSS_ICS:                          return 110;

Why is 110 right? I am pretty sure instead we want CSS_UNKNOWN. Which test covers this? We should not write code that is not covered by any test.

This deprecated API should not be expanded to cover each new unit type; eventually most cases from this switch statement need to be removed. Please observe the FIXME statement above.

> Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/Font.cpp:170
> +    auto* glyphPageCjkWater = glyphPage(GlyphPage::pageNumberForCodePoint(cjkWater));
> +    if (glyphPageCjkWater) {

Please scope the variable into the if. I suggest naming it just "page".

    if (auto page = glyphPage(GlyphPage::pageNumberForCodePoint(cjkWater))) {

But also, this code needs a "why" comment. It’s not at all clear that calling setIdeogramWidth with the width of the cjkWater glyph is a good strategy for getting the widths of all ideograms, so we need a brief comment explaining the strategy.

I’m also a bit surprised that getting the page and then the data has to be done like that rather than a function that combines both operations.

> Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/Font.cpp:171
> +        auto cjkWaterGlyph = glyphPageCjkWater->glyphDataForCharacter(cjkWater).glyph;

I suggest naming the local variable just glyphData.

> Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/FontMetrics.h:152
> +        m_ideogramWidth.reset();

We typically write:

    m_ideogramWidth = std::nullopt;

Not sure if it’s better style.

> Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/FontMetrics.h:173
> +    std::optional<float> m_ideogramWidth { };

No need for that "{ }".

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