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--- Comment #1 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org> ---
Unfortunately WebKit is invoking the WebKitURISchemeRequestCallback multiple times with the same WebKitURISchemeRequest object. Then WebKit gets very confused because the application called webkit_uri_scheme_request_finish() multiple times with the same object, but this is WebKit's fault for reusing the same WebKitURISchemeRequest in the first place. It actually trips an assert in WebKit::WebKitURISchemeHandler::platformStartTask, in WebKitWebContext.cpp:


but we compile out ASSERTs in release builds, and nobody tests debug builds because they ASSERT too much, because nobody tests debug builds. :)

The problem is that the UI process uses task IDs to distinguish between different WebURLSchemeTask objects, and reasonably expects the task IDs to be globally-unique. But the task IDs are actually generated in the web process in WebURLSchemeTaskProxy::startLoading using ResourceLoader::identifier, which uses ProgressTracker::createUniqueIdentifier, which just increments a counter variable, so they're only unique to a given web process, not unique in the web process. In your test program, all 10 tasks have the same ID: 1. Oops!

It's a cross-platform bug btw, nothing GTK-specific here. Probably not hard to fix, but I'm too tired to think it through tonight.

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