[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 231110] Audio over peer connection becomes latent when changing the output

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--- Comment #1 from James Howard <jameshoward at mac.com> ---
We've learned that creating an AudioContext seems to mitigate this issue somewhat. Looking at mediaserverd logging, we can see that the num samples per callback from CoreAudio changes when an AudioContext is active:

AudioElement only (matches Alec's repro steps above):

default 12:34:44.814148-0700    mediaserverd    -CMVAEndptMgr- vaemSetDeviceBufferDuration: duration = 0.085, sampleRate = 48000.000, numPCMSamples = 4095, NearestPowerOf2 = 4096, UseQuietBufferSizeProperty = 'NO'
default 12:32:42.477241-0700    mediaserverd    -CMVAEndptMgr- vaemConfigurePVMSettings: PVMSetCurrentState [MediaPlayback, Default, Speaker, Speaker, (null), NO]

AudioElement + AudioContext (add an AudioContext playing silence to Alec's repro steps above):

default 12:27:50.915450-0700    mediaserverd    -CMVAEndptMgr- vaemSetDeviceBufferDuration: duration = 0.003, sampleRate = 48000.000, numPCMSamples = 127, NearestPowerOf2 = 128, UseQuietBufferSizeProperty = 'NO'
default 12:27:50.902493-0700    mediaserverd    -CMVAEndptMgr- vaemConfigurePVMSettings: PVMSetCurrentState [MediaPlayback, Default, Speaker, Speaker, (null), NO]

There's also a third case, which is Audio + Video Element + getUserMedia:
default 12:35:50.823146-0700    mediaserverd    -CMVAEndptMgr- vaemSetDeviceBufferDuration: duration = 0.020, sampleRate = 48000.000, numPCMSamples = 959, NearestPowerOf2 = 1024, UseQuietBufferSizeProperty = 'NO'
default 12:35:50.855153-0700    mediaserverd    -CMVAEndptMgr- vaemConfigurePVMSettings: PVMSetCurrentState [PlayAndRecord, VideoChat, SpeakerAndMicrophone, Speaker, (null), NO]

These cases seem to correspond to the code here: https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/blob/3b96406abb57ffebaa8923a1852637e354fd25ca/Source/WebCore/platform/audio/cocoa/MediaSessionManagerCocoa.mm#L142

I'm not sure I agree with the heuristic in that code where AudioContext => lowest latency, Mic enabled => medium latency, and AudioElement only => highest latency (lowest power). At a minimum, it would seem that if the AudioElement's srcObject contains remote tracks that WebKit ought to choose a lower latency preferred buffer size.

Further, it seems to be the case that the actual observed latency is some (fixed?) multiple of the preferred buffer size. Even a buffer size of 4096 would probably be OK if it were just that, but it seems like there's a queue or a buffer somewhere whose size is x * audio buffer size, so where audio buffer size is small then x doesn't matter so much, but when audio buffer size is large then x really starts to matter.

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