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After some more testing, I found I'm only able to repro texImage2D performance issues when using a webrtc based remote stream. Note: I don't mean a getUserMedia() based video, it's video stream from a remote webrtc peer. But I presume similar codepaths are used for both local and remote streams.

I found several issues citing performance issues with texImage2D and webrtc based video, including some work to enable a GPU->GPU path for dealing with this form of video in shaders, rather than a CPU based readback. I'm really hopeful this will improve matters, and plan to try out 15.1 beta 3 when it becomes available. Let me know if I've misunderstood. I'd rather not spend time building minimal testcases involving remote streams, as they're a bit harder to build than standard video testcases, but I'm willing to put in the time if this recent work doesn't improve things.

Related issues:
(and several others linked from those)

Also, patch implementing GPU codepath for media streams (goes in on 15.1 beta3?)

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