[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 230435] Regression (r282201 - r282220?) : [ MacOS ] http/tests/media/track-in-band-hls-metadata.htm is a flaky failure

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ayumi_kojima at apple.com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|[ MacOS ]                   |Regression (r282201 -
                   |http/tests/media/track-in-b |r282220?) : [ MacOS ]
                   |and-hls-metadata.htm is a   |http/tests/media/track-in-b
                   |flaky failure               |and-hls-metadata.htm is a
                   |                            |flaky failure

--- Comment #3 from ayumi_kojima at apple.com ---
I was able to reproduce the failure at TOT locally on BigSur using run-webkit-tests -1 --force --debug --iterations 50 http/tests/media/track-in-band-hls-metadata.html --exit-after-n-failures 1.

According to the history, the test has been flaky timing out for long time, but at r282220 it started flaky failing. At around that revision, the timeout became flakier.

The test passed on r282200 locally. It timed out on r282205 and r282217 and hanged with --no-timeout.

>From the reproduction, I think the regression range is r282201 - r282220, but not able to find it out the exact revision because I couldn't reproduce the failure.

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