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--- Comment #4 from Cameron McCormack (:heycam) <heycam at apple.com> ---
You are right that you already did the work of making each thread have a FontCache!  I described that incorrectly in my comment 0.  But I think there are still a bunch of other, related caches, which are used in a non-thread-safe manner.  For example:

* the FontDatabase objects in FontCacheCoreText.cpp
* the FontMap object in FontFamilySpecificationCoreText.cpp
* the SystemFallbackCache in Font.cpp
* matchSystemFontUse in FontDescriptionCocoa.cpp

and some other smaller, static variables that would have their initializers run concurrently:

* rotateLeftTransform in FontCascadeCoreText.cpp
* expandAroundIdeographs in ComplexTextController::adjustGlyphsAndAdvances
* cascadeToLastResortAndVariationsFontDescriptor in FontPlatformDataCoreText.cpp

Most (but not all) of the things I've found so far are in Cocoa-specific code.

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