[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 233230] [GStreamer] MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer mishandles failure to create WebKitTextCombiner

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--- Comment #15 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org> ---
(In reply to Adrian Perez from comment #14)
>  * WebVTT (subtitles) support is optional, and as you correctly point out
>    there is a runtime check on the “subenc“ element.
>  * OTOH gst-plugins-bad is *NOT* optional because media elements which do
>    not have video (I guess they are audio-only) will use “fakevideosink“
>    unconditionally. Line 3428 in MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer.cpp (frame #7)
>    from the Very Good Indeed™ stacktrace is using makeGStreamerElement(),
>    which will assert that the element was created.

What I don't understand is whether this crash is the desired behavior or not. Clearly both Berto and myself assumed otherwise, or we would have had Requires in our packaging. If this is the desired end result, then we can say I was wrong about it being optional, close the WebKit bug here, and go add our downstream Requires. But it seems inconsistent with how we handle other missing GStreamer elements, yes?

Anyway... yeah, it's a good stacktrace. :P The place where the crash happens is not even close to where OP thought it was happening. That's why we need stacktraces.

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