[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 233230] [GStreamer] MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer mishandles failure to create WebKitTextCombiner

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I am not sure about much. I do know installing the missing library fixes it. I don’t know the exact code used on a new Ubuntu 21.10. 

If it wasn’t an assert, it would be a null pointer dereference, I assume. 

If you know how to get an html page to create an element that calls the newTextCombiner, it should fail on a fresh Ubuntu 21.10. You might also be able to reproduce by removing the bad gs library. Or temporarily return null and see if tests pass. It is possible it is already fixed in latest code but breaks in whatever source is used for 21.10. 

Apologize I don’t have better notes or skills. Was not able to build from source with debugging enabled. So do not have a full stack trace.  (A docker build would be nice for non c programmers!)

I just know it started to affect a few users of my app that uses eclipse swt browser that uses WebKit.

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