[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 232914] [GStreamer] Crash in gst_buffer_get_meta when playing reddit video

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GStreamer log

I wound up writing the log under ~/.var/app/org.gnome.Epiphany.Devel/config in order to exfiltrate it from the sandbox without using --filesystem=home or -d, which for some reason causes the video to play properly.

Note there are a bunch of FIXMEs at the bottom of the log immediately before the crash:

0:00:03.947285498   345 0x5616fd08f920 FIXME             decodebin3 gstdecodebin3.c:1422:handle_stream_collection:<decodebin3-0> New collection but already had one ...
0:00:03.947313491   345 0x5616fd08f920 DEBUG      webkitmediaplayer MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer.cpp:1503:handleStreamCollectionMessage:<MSE-media-player-2> Ignoring redundant STREAM_COLLECTION from <decodebin3-0>
0:00:03.947339070   345 0x5616fd08f920 FIXME             decodebin3 gstdecodebin3.c:1103:update_requested_selection:<decodebin3-0> Implement EXPOSE_ALL_MODE
0:00:03.947365761   345 0x5616fd08f920 FIXME             decodebin3 gstdecodebin3.c:1156:update_requested_selection:<decodebin3-0> Replacing non-NULL requested_selection, what should we do ??

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