[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 232728] AudioContext.currentTime speeds up (and audio won't play) when Bluetooth speaker connected

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Thu Nov 4 16:57:51 PDT 2021


--- Comment #1 from Luke Abbott <luke at playingbyear.com> ---
Update: I just caught the issue happening on my iPhone (SE 2020) while it was NOT connected to a Bluetooth speaker. At first, I noticed around a second of latency between when the sound was supposed to be played and when I heard it (through the internal speaker). Later, it was a few seconds, at which point the sound cut out and would not come back until the page was reloaded, as before.

I quickly connected the Safari DevTools and ran the same console test, and determined that the AudioContext clock was advancing 1.09 seconds for every real second.

FYI, I also checked AudioContext.getOutputTimestamp().performanceTime, and that was advancing correctly (one second per second).

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