[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 227943] EXIF resolution information not applied

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--- Comment #2 from Eric Portis <e at ericportis.com> ---

Make sure you test in Firefox 90, which is fairly new and also the first version to ship support for EXIF-based intrinsic sizing. In v90, the third image appears large (as expected), for me.

Re: the DPI, a couple of notes...

- Binary EXIF stores `XResolution` and `YResolution` as rationals, hence 162/5 in the exiftool code. (A happy side effect of this is perfect precision.) exiftool prints decimals when it reports, though.
- The default values, according to the EXIF spec, are 72 dpi, so 32.4 is equivalent to 0.45x/ddpx, in terms of HTML/CSS.

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