[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 227624] REGRESSION (r278377): cursor is incorrect for element in hierarchy with clip-path and display: flex

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Fri Jul 2 08:16:39 PDT 2021


--- Comment #3 from Antoine Quint <graouts at webkit.org> ---
We fail this check in Path::contains() under this call stack when consider the RenderLayer for the "leaf" element:

    if (!fastBoundingRect().contains(point))
        return false;

#0      0x000000073c986373 in WebCore::Path::contains(WebCore::FloatPoint const&, WebCore::WindRule) const at WebCore/platform/graphics/cg/PathCG.cpp:227
#1      0x000000073cdca823 in WebCore::RenderBox::hitTestClipPath(WebCore::HitTestLocation const&, WebCore::LayoutPoint const&) const at WebCore/rendering/RenderBox.cpp:1388
#2      0x000000073ceba871 in WebCore::RenderLayer::hitTestLayer(WebCore::RenderLayer*, WebCore::RenderLayer*, WebCore::HitTestRequest const&, WebCore::HitTestResult&, WebCore::LayoutRect const&, WebCore::HitTestLocation const&, bool, WebCore::HitTestingTransformState const*, double*) at WebCore/rendering/RenderLayer.cpp:4122

The provided point is indeed outside of the bounds and seems to be in page coordinates, or at least converted to the coordinates of this element.

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