[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 231953] Element with position: sticks after sticking, starts to move incorrectly when scrolling

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--- Comment #10 from Bruno Stasse <augus.dupin at gmail.com> ---
Additional observations:

- The problem does not occur with page/body scroll, only inside element scroll containers.

- The sticky element is only late to be positioned when scrolling in the direction of the side it has been last stuck on. In Testcase2, as the element has `top: 0`, it is only late to be positioned when scrolling to the top, and therefore only shows the scroll container red background above it. If you add the rule `bottom: 0`, you will see that it has the opposite behaviour. After sticking to the bottom, the scroll container red background will appear below it.

This bug makes `position: sticky` pretty unusable on iOS inside element scroll containers. It would be great if it could be fixed quickly so it doesn't affect another iOS version. In the meantime, if anyone find a workaround for iOS 15 to 15.2, please share!

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