[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 234234] Dead code in LinkIconCollector.cpp

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Mon Dec 13 17:10:58 PST 2021


--- Comment #3 from karl <karl+webkit at la-grange.net> ---

> How did you find this?

I was in the process of reading the code because I had just opened 

And I was trying to understand how WebKit, Blink and Gecko were processing html link for icons. So I just casually reading the code when I stumbled upon this dead code. 

> can it be tested?

It can be probably tested, being my first ever patch to WebKit. I don't see any tests for compareIcons() 

The code was added 5+ years ago without tests.

If you have recommendations on where these tests should go, I can try.

> Also, we don't need to redo formatting in the change log with this.

Yes, my VSCode instance has probably reformatted the Changelog. I need to fix this. Is there a URL to a recommended vscode setup for the WebKit project. 


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