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--- Comment #13 from Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy at gmail.com> ---

The tests are found in the LayoutTests/ directory. Most of them are html files and are just loaded directly by the browser by accessing the files.

In this specific case we need a test that is loaded through a web server. When this patch was first written, this would be done using php, but now it's using python instead. You can find examples of tests like that in LayoutTests/http/tests/.

The php file attached to this ticket can be trivially converted to a python script following these examples.

Next to each test there is a file with the same name, with the extension replaced with "-expected.txt". This corresponds to the output of the DumpRenderTree executable when loading and executing that specific test. The testsuite frameworks run DumpRenderTree and compares the result with this file, to decide if the test is passed or failed.

The expected result (pass or fail) for each test is stored in "TestExpectations" files in the LayoutTests directory. The default is PASS so you don't need to do anything special if the test passes everywhere. There are several expectation files for different platforms and configurations, allowing to keep track of the current state of tests. This make it easy to see the impact of any given changes, both in terms of tests that are broken, and tests that are fixed by it.

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