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--- Comment #11 from Kimmo Kinnunen <kkinnunen at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Darin Adler from comment #8)
> (In reply to John Cunningham from comment #5)
> > 'webkit-patch format' changes it from "const char* " to "const char *"
> Incredible! Why would it?

So the code is Objective C++. I think the tool is correct but the WebKit development practice does not adhere to its own rules.


  Pointer types in non-C++ code
  Pointer types should be written with a space between the type and the * (so the * is adjacent to the following identifier if any).

Of course it's matter of interpretation, as to whether that "non-C++" refers to "Objective C" only or "Objective C and Objective C++". However, since there are very few .m files, I'd imagine if that rule exists, that covers .mm files, .m files and .h files intended to be used from .m and .mm files.

>> What does that comment have to do with space character placement?
>> I meant why are you touching this line of code at all, changing
>> "GraphicsContextGLAttributes&& creationAttributes" to
>> "GraphicsContextGLAttributes &&creationAttributes", which has no effect but
>> goes against WebKit coding style?

> Understood now, unsure of what is going on with automated formatting, but for now I > have manually changed to webkit's style.

My bad, I instructed John to use webkit-patch format for ANGLE code, where it works because that code conforms to the Google coding style. I did not explain that currently the automatic formatting is not working as expected for WebKit code.

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